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The Instruments and Tools Matter



Housed This Housed That Team

What is House Music made of?

You showed up to the party late but on time tio join in the fun! The sound is exactly turning the corner by the speaker and now you want to join in. Shake that tambourine or pandeiro...hey what is the difference?

Tambourine vs. Pandeiro....They look so alike but the sound each make is totally different. The tambourine is well known from its jiggle in the pulpit at church. Praise and worship wouldn't be the same without it! Pandeiro would  be familiar if you speak Portuguese or have been close to Capoeira in action. In appearance there is a slight difference as well. Look closely at the edge of your instrument, Do you see any tension rods? If you do once you adjust these you change the sound of your pandeiro. 

A Bit of House Culture


The Art of House Dancing- Clip 1

The Jumpstart


That Wraps it up!

Headwraps and House music is a turn up!


The BFF MatchFest

A couple or a coupla' friends being fashion free

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