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What are you Wearing to Dance in?



Housed This Housed That Team

Whether you dress for comfort, your free spirit, or to get your dance workout on, house music gave it a place to be..

We know House Music lovers wear what they want when they want. And we look good in it! We will feature items we have seen historically or that new out of the box made by your favorite designer glam. From the plain and sweaty to the glitterati. First up:

Glam Dancin...

If this isn't a real thing we have seen it close hand and it should be! That day you went straight to the club from your prom or a ball was everything. You haven't danced until you did a back step in a tight gown with just right stilettos. Proper goes out the window while you strut around feeling your finest and listening to the song that plays at the right time the cherry on the pie of the night you just had! Who else can wear the color peach and wiggle it like its fresh baked cobbler? YOU!

A Bit of House Culture


The Art of House Dancing- Clip 1

The Jumpstart


That Wraps it up!

Headwraps and House music is a turn up!


The BFF MatchFest

A couple or a coupla' friends being fashion free

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