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When I Knew I Loved House Music



Mina "Mahogomi" Rodriguez

A thought on growing in love with House Music from the hearts of Househeads

One day at a House Music jam:

It was Saturday! I waited all week for this and I wasn't missing it. the OOHMF festival (Outstanding Outdoor House Music Festival...fill in your favorite one here ) usually gets packed and I am not in the mood for bumping into people. Let's see... I have my dance bag all packed and everyone said they would meet me there so I am ready to go. I finally get there and as I thought wall to wall(tree to tree :)) house music lovers ..I brought a blanket so let me grab a grassy spot for it and hmmm not happening. I decided to walk a bit and ran into a friend after greetings and hugs I finally noticed something looked so out of the was odd and wonderful all at the same time. He had a giant rattan deep seat cushion chair, a cooler of beer and mini grill. Where was I? I saw many folding chairs but nothing like this. Quite frankly I was impressed with the boldness. Have a seat he said. While I was curious to see if it was as comfortable as it looked my eyes turned longingly to the dance floor and I was compelled to say: I need to get on that dance floor BUT when I take a rest I will come back. "I will save you a seat, and I know it will be awhile but ...come back." I left and danced until I was gasping for air and thought of that comfortable chair. I went back and yes his setup had many interested visitors that made promises to recreate this house lounge appeal.  I enjoyed our chit chat about when dancing all night was the norm and now having a comfortable view was exciting too. I never saw another setup like that again but when they come close I think back to when I first saw it done.

Loving you always, a Househead

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